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Well, I will allow you to get to the document. Now, this is a document dated 12 March 2007 to the Director of Prisons, Department of Prisons, New England, Freetown. The subject matter is "Information on Detained Prisoner Foday LANSANA at Central Prison, Pademba Road". Going down through the document to the sentence where it says, "We are therefore, requesting ...", the document reads:

"We are therefore, requesting, on a very urgent basis,

information on Mr Foday Lansana as follows:

(a) the date he was incarcerated;

(b) convicted by the Courts; and

(c) how much time he has left on his current sentence.

Mr Magnus Lamin is our contact person and can be

reached ...", at such and such a number and it is signed by, "Gilbert Morissette, Chief of Investigations". My question to you, Mr Lansana, is around the early part of the year 2000 investigators from the Office of the Prosecutor did tell you that they were working to secure your release from Pademba Road Prison, true or false?

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