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My sibling. That Yeana Jusu is my sibling. He or she was in Daru during the war. When they said that disarmament has commenced, those are people who were in Daru and they told them to return to their original places. Yeana Jusu came with a group that were many. There were more than 50. They came and they arrived in Kailahun, so they stopped them there in Kailahun and so they were in Kailahun in custody. It came to a time one day when I went to my village, but on that day that I came when I came and I went to greet Mr Sellu he said that these people all of them have been killed, but there was no way we could speak. Yeana Jusu was my sibling.

There was someone I knew who was among them. His name was Vandi. He is someone from Giema. There were so many people from Bandajuma, that crowd of people who were killed. The woman whom I - the wife whom I had, whom I have right now, her father was among them. They were killed. That is what I know about Yeana Jusu.

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