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Rambo met us there along with the people he had come with. When he met us there, the commando and the others, all of them saluted him. After they had saluted him Rambo asked the commando, he said, "What are you doing here?" He said, "Why are you killing these people?" He said, "Why are you chopping off these people's arms?" He said, "Is that why you came here?" He said, "I am going to punish you." Then he said, "Release these people, release these remaining people." He told him - at that time he was holding to my one hand, my one arm, that is Rambo, he still held my one arm. He told the commando who had chopped off our arms, whom he had said he would punish, he said, "All of you follow me to the base." We went up there. Look at the church and there was - look at the Kissy Mental Home. It was in that area that I was. So when we arrived there we met a lot of guns. When we arrived he told them to stand there, that is he told the commando and the other rebels who were there, he put them outside, he told them to stand there. He asked for one Captain Blood. I saw the Pa come out. He asked him, "Where is the doctors?"

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