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Yes, sir. At that time the commando told one of the rebels to go and untie us. This rebel whom he had told to untie me, he was the youngest of the rebels. He was not even 13 years old. He asked him to go and amputate my arm. Then the boy came. He came and untied my arm. At that time those who had come, we were now under gunpoint and they got hold of my arm and put it on the log. The boy had the machete. He took the machete and amputated me here on the left [indicated]. He amputated me here first. The commando said - he said, "Are you a fittish person that you can - someone would want to amputate you and they cannot amputate your bone, only your flesh can go off?" He told the boy whom he had told to amputate me, he said, "Okay, excuse me", he took the axe from the other rebel and he came.

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