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Madam President, may I say something about that because I was one of the parties who took part in the experiment about these screens. I can't remember now who it was from the Prosecution, but there was Court Officer Mr Romans, I should say Legal Officer, Senior Legal Officer Mr Romans, myself and one of the Prosecution advocates and we went through into the public gallery mainly to see if there could be any reflection in the screen behind the Bench and we were all satisfied that there could be no reflection of a face there to anyone in the public gallery, but we also were concerned about these two extreme end computer screens and we were assured by security, by the Head of Security, who was with us in the course of this experiment that it would only be if somebody in the public gallery came and stood over here, in other words beyond the seating, that they would be able to peer in. They would have to be literally behind where I am sitting and behind where Ms Hollis is sitting. Now, nobody is allowed to go there. Members of the public are not allowed to go there and they have to sit down when they are in the public gallery. I will undertake - let me put it this way: I will avoid using the witness camera. I very rarely do use the witness camera, in fact. One of the benefits of sitting here, even with this curtain up, is that you can see sufficiently and I have to say today, as I am not involved in this particular cross-examination, I will not be having - there will be no need for me to be looking at the witness, but as far as the danger that Madam Court Officer has adverted to, it is highly unlikely and indeed it should not be possible that anybody would be in a position to look in there. It would only be if a serious error was made on the part of the security staff having conduct of the security of the public gallery. I am telling you all of that for your information. I am not saying we should or should not have our screens on or off on the witness camera, but we did take quite some time to test these potential problems in the public gallery and certainly, on the face of it, there should not be the danger that Madam Court Officer has quite rightly raised as a matter of concern. I don't think, in practical terms, it does pose the danger that was suggested.

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