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Madam President, I will be undertaking the examination of the witness for the Defence. I did want to make an observation, if it please the Court, regarding the protective measures. The Court Officer advised me yesterday of how the process would work vis-a-vis the voice distortion measure. I am told that following every question we interpose to the witness we are supposed to turn off our microphones before she responds, or else it increases the likelihood that her real voice will be revealed, or disclosed. I don't know how long the examination of this witness will take, but in future cases, where we are talking about a few days of witness evidence, I wonder if the Court could enquire whether in the future the technicians would be able to correct this problem so that there is some rhythm to the examination, rather than after every question the microphone is turned off and on. That would be one issue.

Then the second issue would be I would indicate to the Prosecution that I will be mindful of this procedure, but perhaps the witness might be instructed also, in the event an objection is interposed, or in the event somebody seeks to correct the transcript, that she perhaps hold off responding, if she were in the course of giving a response, until the Court addresses the issues.

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