The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

Your Honours, the Prosecution has no objection to this exhibit. The exhibit, however, does raise a trial practice point and that is that the Prosecution were not given advance notice of this exhibit, nor a copy of the exhibit. In the Prosecution's view this is not a matter of Article 17 rights, or the rules of procedure in evidence. Once the Defence determines to provide an exhibit then the question is, under the rules, does the cross-examining party have to give notice and a copy to the other party? It is a trial practice issue and if the determination of the Court is that no such advance notice or copy need be given, then certainly we will follow that. We expect that should the Defence put on a case, that would be the rule for us as well, so it is simply a trial practice a point that we are raising and we do not see it as anything going to fundamental rights of the accused. We do not object to the exhibit.

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