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Yes, your Honour. First of all, we would like the message book exhibited in the Court record in its entirety. That is - I don't know how long it is, but it is a document which begins with ERN numbers 8727 and ends - it doesn't seem to have ERN numbers at the back. Ah, it seems to end with 8000, although there are three more pages attached at the back which don't appear to have ERN numbers on them. Ah, it ends with 8908 as the final ERN number on the back sheet. So, it is 8727 to 8908 and so we would like that exhibited.

In respect of the other documents that I used, your Honour, I think it is probably simpler if I wait for Mr Griffiths to return, because those were documents which were actually used with Witness 371 and I think I will probably confuse the record if I end up exhibiting them with this witness.

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