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"I am now awaiting Colonel Isaac, who is now en route from Kamabai ..." [K-A-M-A-B-A-I] "... so as to move very fast to the mentioned location where we will be picked up for your location.

Sir, on the issue of the NGO's looted vehicles I want to make it very clear to you that I never commandeered any".

Then he goes on to explain what happened and I won't read the rest of it and that message is from 2 November 1999.

If you could go over the page, witness, to 8742, message at the bottom of the page dated 4 November 1999: [This document was not supplied]

"To - Smile

From - Survival

Subject - Infos

Sir, I have received Colonel Eagle and others, but Superman refused to hand over the material. I issued them during the incursion at Lunsar. It includes 14 RPG bombs and 7 boxes of AK rounds. Sir, accept for your info".

Now we are going to go well ahead to 8754, top of the page dated 25 November 1999: [This document was not supplied]

"To - Smile

From - Log

Sir, be informed that I have received series of messages from various call signs in respect of food, drugs, salt and [indiscernible] shortage and I have completely run out of fund.

Sir, with regards to this your assistance is highly needed".

And then if we can go to 8764 and that is MFI-43 and that is the letter of resignation from Sam Bockarie, correct?

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