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Your Honours, the position is that counsel was putting to the witness that Keita, who was a witness in this Court, had on a radio communication referred to Yeaten as "Chief" and that is not the position here. Your Honours, if we go back to page 2134, starting from line 6, where it reads where the witness answers "Yes", and then the question which follows is:

"Q. And on some other occasions you knew that they had

been speaking with somebody from Monrovia because of what

either Bockarie or Sesay told you, correct?

A. Yes.

Q. Sometimes Bockarie would say they had spoken to 'The

Chief', correct?

A. Yes".

The position is that he, Keita, was talking about what Bockarie had discussed on the radio and had told him, and that was the issue that the witness was questioned on and that was the basis on which he was questioned about who he knew was referred to as "Chief" and he said "Yeaten". It is a different situation from the way counsel was putting it to the witness as though Keita himself had on the radio been speaking and referring to Yeaten as "Chief". Thank you, your Honours.

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