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The evidence, as I read it in the transcript, is that Abu Keita was asked about radio communications between Bockarie and Yeaten, and my learned friend, Mr Anyah, put to him the issue of these code names and he was asked the question. So I mean in essence he was not on the radio himself, but he heard these conversations and it was put to him and I mean I will read to you so that there is no misunderstanding exactly what was said:

"Q. I meant 'Director'. Did the use of the word

'Director' mean Benjamin Yeaten when you were in Buedu?

A. Yes.

Q. And sometimes they would say they had spoken with

somebody named 'Pa', or 'Papay', correct?

A. Yes.

Q. And those words also had a meaning regarding to whom

they referred?

A. Correct, yes.

Q. Can you tell the Court when you heard the phrase 'The

Chief' whom you knew that to mean?

A. Chief Benjamin Yeaten".

So, to me it is clear here at least that in conversations between Bockarie and Yeaten that Yeaten was referred to as "The Chief" on the radio network.

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