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Joint security comprised G5, the MP unit, the IO, the IDU and the S4, so any time they would bring civilians they would take them to the office, so all units will take their individual records of those civilians. If you want to stand for five or six civilians, for them to be in your care, any time the RUF would want to use them as labourers, or to send them to the training base to train them, you would present them. They will write the number of civilians that you would request and you, the officer, will stand for them and they write their names against yours. Even when we would be ready to go, or send the fighters on a food finding, we would write all the names of the civilians, we will put the women on one hand and the men on the other hand. Some men will go for food finding to carry food and bring it, then the women who were under the officers whether to marry them, to be with them as wives, or labourers, they will write their names against yours, so that you could give account of them in the future. That was how those units operated.

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