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In Koidu Town, that is Kono District, that is what I am talking about first, after we had retreated we had left Koidu Town and had gone one or two miles away from Koidu Town. We had gone to a small village we called Superman Ground. Superman Ground was on the highway from Koidu Town to Guinea, so from there we followed the instruction. What we did, Superman and the other senior officers on the ground, like Superman himself, Morris Kallon, Isaac Mongor, Pa Kallon and other authorities, they called other junior officers, like Bai Bureh, Komba Gbundema, RUF Rambo, they came and organised themselves and deployed at the areas that I am about to name. The first area was Sewafe bypass. This bypass which we called Sewafe bypass, Short Bai Bureh was in charge of this area. He was responsible for any movement of troops from Freetown, Makeni to Kono. He should block them.

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