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Yes, there are so many things. I can recall some, some of the orders that were given to Kallon and not only Kallon, the orders that were given to Superman. They used to give orders with regards attacks and ambushing and this always happened. They always gave orders, but before the orders were given Sam Bockarie, I can recall, transmitted a message that he had finally had an arrangement with Mr Taylor because we were now in Kono and we should be able to take care of Kono. He said Mr Taylor has told him that they should try and reorganise and re-prepare the airfield at Buedu, so in there they would need civilians to do the work on the field. The RUF sent over 200 to 300 civilians to Kailahun to do forced labour, to work on the field day and night with security escorts. Beside that we also got rid of some civilians for the mining purposes in Koidu Town, in Kono District.

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