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Immediately we got to Koidu there was now communication between the authorities, Issa Sesay, Superman and Sam Bockarie for them to reorganise and base in Kono, for us not to lose Kono. The first message that we monitored, that we received in our message log book, according to Sam Bockarie he said he had consulted Mr Taylor in Liberia saying that in Kono, as long as we have Kono we will not fail in taking over the rest of Sierra Leone again because we already knew that Kono was one of the prominent diamond mining areas in Sierra Leone. Therefore, all the troops should be on standby there except Issa Sesay, Johnny Paul Koroma and the securities who were going to escort them to Buedu. Therefore, Issa Sesay should organise Superman as the overall commander for Kono District jungle and Morris Kallon should act as his deputy, and that they should make sure that they hold fast to the ground and should not allow to lose the ground before he left, but before Issa left he said we were guerillas and anywhere a guerilla was you should make the area fearsome. In the RUF when we talk about making the area fearsome it is a word that carries different meanings. It means we should burn down houses, destroy other properties, killing and construct road blockades and destroy bridges. That would help in making the area fearsome. That was the instruction he gave. In that case he appointed Morris Kallon and he gave him a task for Kono before he left.

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