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Then what was now delivered to us after we had gone back to the barracks, that is us the RUF, the AFRC, those of us who were the junior ones, we saw Morris Kallon and Gullit of the AFRC, Morris Kallon for RUF. They came and explained to us, they said what they discussed during the meeting was how we were to go to the jungle and how to travel with Johnny Paul Koroma, and, secondly, how we will be able to feed the fighters. With regards the feeding, this is what I am going to explain. Well, they said, from Morris Kallon to the RUF, he said, he said all the commanders, whose names I had mentioned on this topic, they all agreed that each and every soldier should take the responsibility of feeding himself. You should gather food for yourself and all that you needed to use during the time we were in the jungle. That was the time the slogan came up and they said it was Operation Pay Yourself. Operation Pay Yourself meant you could take anything from the civilian. If you had wanted to abduct a civilian to go and work for you, you would do so. If you wanted to abduct a civilian woman, you could do so. If you wanted a car, or a vehicle, you could take it. Anything from a civilian was your right to take. So that was the first thing that he told us.

From there, the second thing that he told us he said we were going to move, but three groups were going to proceed from Makeni to Kono. After we get to Kono then we will send Johnny Paul Koroma to Buedu, according to the instructions sent by Sam Bockarie. The outcome of the meeting is what I am explaining. So the groups were divided into three. The first group was headed by Superman. That was the fighting forces that comprised the RUF, the AFRC, the STF.

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