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Well, what I know, the communication between the AFRC and the RUF, because the RUF by then - it was cordial, because there were information that came from the RUF or any plans that the AFRC and the RUF undertook, they would send it on the radio and they will send messages to district areas where we occupied. That frequently went on.

But those times we had telephones in various offices, they also used telephones from Cockerill to their private houses, or sometimes to the brigade headquarters. They used those. So during that period of communication not everything went on the field radios, because the RUF movement at the time the AFRC took over, the junta comprised of the RUF, the AFRC which was the SLA and the STF who were remnants of the ULIMO forces from Liberia, but they were based in Sierra Leone.

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