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Yes. You know in Makeni which is in Bombali District and Tonkolili District, I used to escort manpower to the front line when sometimes manpower was contributed in Makeni, that is number one.

Number two, during the days of the AFRC/RUF they constructed an airstrip two or three miles off Magburaka. That was where the plane landed at night and dropped the arms and ammunition. At one time I was given order together with Mr Alpha, Mr Alpha was an administrator in Makeni under the RUF, both of us moved with his Land Rover and according to the order which came from Issa Sesay, he said the RUF who were based in Makeni, they should go and receive their own ammunition at the Magburaka airstrip.

And very early in the morning at about 5 to 6 a.m. we went there with the Land Rover and when we got there we saw different different vehicles from various areas, Kenema, Freetown, Bo, who came to collect their own ammunition. But this plane landed at night. It was at night that it landed. When it took off we reached there. We just met that all the arms and ammunition were in boxes and they were distributed by groups. As we got there we went straight towards our own ammunition, we loaded them in the Land Rover and then we moved. And this happened not just one time but myself, I only went there once to collect ammunition.

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