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You see, most of the times when we would capture those civilians, if they were women we would marry them forcefully. If they were boys we would send them to the training base. Because Kangari Hills was a very big area, a large jungle where we had a training base and that training base consist of the lowest age of recruits who were at our - the lowest number of recruits at that training base was about 500. The maximum we would get 1,000. So those civilians, we would use them to train them, marry them forcefully, hard labour. That was how we used those civilians.

Because when we captured lot of food, say for example 1,000 bags of rice or 500 bags of rice, the result, civilians we had at our base for labour, we would write on their foreheads RUF for them not to escape, or at times we would write on your back RUF which meant any time you would escape, when you went to the side of the government, they would know that you have come from the RUF zone and if one of them were killed the others would not escape. That was how we used those civilians in 1997 at the Kangari Hills. And not only Kangari Hills. This was a thing that happened in all the RUF liberated zones.

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