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My first time to - for you to believe me that I sat with Mr Taylor, let me give you the proof the reason why Mr Taylor had the trust and confidence in me. No matter, the Poro society law maybe I will spoil it here. I don't have any problem with that. Let me be bold to tell you.

I started sitting with Mr Taylor during the death of Theodore when we took his liver and we used it at a ceremony and he shared with us. We all ate it. And the same things happened in the case of Sam Dokie. The death of Sam Dokie, his liver was taken away by us and then we carried it and it was cooked by this lady. I will call the woman's name. Annie Yenni. Annie Yenni. Annie Yenni. Annie Yenni cooked it and Charles Taylor shared it with us.

I am not talking about the ceremony that took place behind his house. Those were things that we did in Monrovia. At that time we had not yet been in Monrovia and when we came to Monrovia to clarify to you the reason why Charles Taylor trusted me and that, because I kept secrets.

And even at the time he escaped from Ghana when we arrested Cooperville along with Moses Blah, we arrested those two people, and he was there in Ben's veranda. Ben and I were sitting down and he said we should "control those people's hearts until I get there". Then we took out those two guys' livers and then, after we had kept it in Ben's freezer for a long time, when Charles Taylor arrived we cooked it and all of us shared it together.

Since then he trusted me as a full member of the Poro society. I am sorry to say this now, but once I have been pushed to the corner I am going to say the truth. I am saying the truth nothing but the truth.

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