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Perhaps I can make one other observation, Madam President, and this might ameliorate some of the concerns the Chamber might have. I noticed when your Honour started this issue, perhaps one of the bases for the urgency to deal with it before the recess is the degree to which it might implicate some of the witnesses that might be testifying after the recess. Just so the Chamber is aware, on Tuesday this week, at about 7.00 p.m., we received an email message from the Prosecution which delineated the list of the next 10 witnesses, or the call order of the next 10 witnesses. I do not believe any member of the Chamber was copied on that email. But in going through the list of the next 10 to 11 witnesses they have scheduled, or they anticipate calling in the month of April, only two of those 10 witnesses are implicated in this particular motion and the first of those two is listed about fourth on the list of the 11 witnesses. So when we come back from the recess, to the extent we allow the usual response and reply times under the rules to deal with this motion, the Chamber will not be faced with a situation where it has to rule on a motion in respect of a witness who is scheduled to testify immediately.

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