The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

"And free Liberia from the Doe regime. He and 37 others met with Johnson at Benneville [sic] in the Ivory Coast. The witness stated that all but five were former Liberian army officers, the others were property owners from Nimba County who had had land/property in Monrovia confiscated from them by the Doe regime. Johnson told the group that there was someone who could lead them back to Liberia and introduced Charles Taylor and an unidentified group of Taylor's associates. The meeting took place on December 13, 1988. Three months later, Johnson called the group together again stating that 'the Old Man' was coming to talk to the group 'one on one'."

Then you go on in paragraph 7, you see, to talk about, in the middle of that paragraph, entering Liberia on 24 December 1989. So, what we have here, in January - I am sorry. On 31 January, I am right, you say that you meet him in the Ivory Coast. On 8 March, again you say you were introduced to him in the Ivory Coast. Help us, please, Mr Marzah, how is it that you come to repeat the same erroneous information twice within the space of a month, or so? How?

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