The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

Turn to page 11, please, in that bundle. So, this now is another interview. Well, in fact it is that - it is in March 2008 - sorry, 2006. 8 March 2006. Let us start at the top of the page:

"The witness stated that Doe, a Krahn, was afraid of another coup attempt by Nimba soldiers who were ethnic Mano, or Gio. Having been disarmed and fearing arrest and/or execution, the witness deserted and returned to Nimba County. Upon his return, he stayed two days before continuing on into the Ivory Coast. That is at the end of the rainy season in 1983. At this time Doe loyalists in the Liberian army were arresting any able-bodied male Nimba resident who could be seen as a threat. The witness crossed the Liberia/Ivorian border and went to Danane then on to Boake, staying there until 1985. In that year he met Johnson who had also deserted from the Liberian army and sought refuge in the Ivory Coast along with a number of other ex-soldiers who were from Nimba.

"The witness stated that he was subsequently contacted by Johnson and told about an organisation that was being formed to fight and free Liberia from the Doe regime. He and 37 others met with Johnson at Benneville" - pause there, in a later interview you correct that name, but note this - "in the Ivory Coast. The witness stated that all but five were former Liberian army officers, the others were property owners from Nimba County who had had land/property in Monrovia confiscated from them by the Doe regime."

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