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Now, the final matter I want to deal with on this topic is regard to that account you gave yesterday about the President of Liberia, as he then was, engaging in the murder of a pregnant woman on the beach outside White Flower, okay? Now, can we turn first of all, please, to page 101, Madam Court Manager, in the bundle. We will need 102 as well, please. We are looking at a record made of an interview conducted with you on 24 February 2008 and in that interview you said this, "There was a woman" - paragraph 7, your Honours:

"There was a woman who was believed to be from ULIMO-J who was killed on the orders of and in the presence of Charles Taylor. She was arrested in Monrovia and taken to the beach behind the old White Flower by Charles Taylor's men. This happened before Taylor became president and during the time of the transitional government in Liberia. The woman was pregnant. Taylor ordered for her to be stripped naked and to be put into a pit. Those present with Taylor at the scene included Benjamin Yeaten and the witness. As she was being covered by sand, the woman looked up at Taylor and pleaded with him to release her. The witness and other continued to pour sand over her until she was completely buried. After which a white sheep was released on top of the pit and the witness and others tore the meat off the live sheep and ate the meat."

Is that true?

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