The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

I ask for this reason, you see: I wonder if you would turn with me to page 49 in that bundle. Page 49, bottom right-hand corner, page 00022958 at the top. I wonder if we can put it up on the screen, please. Penultimate line on that page:

"Zigzag had sent situation reports to Taylor and Sankoh every day. Some days he would send up to five reports. At first it was just to Taylor, before the RUF was named. After RUF was named Zigzag would report to Sankoh and Sankoh would report to Taylor. Taylor would call Zigzag confirming reports sent to Sankoh. Taylor would call Zigzag to confirm Sankoh's reports as Sankoh was afraid to go to the front line and Taylor knew this."

Now this:

"Zigzag would report on progress made, casualties on both sides, prisoners of war, captured civilians. He did not report physical or sexual violence against civilians because he did not see it."

Did you tell the investigators that?

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