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Yes, I know what happened to Jungle. Jungle, he was one of the key men operating under me from the directive from Charles Taylor. He used to transport the ammo and arms to Freetown, but the execution of Mosquito then when Ganta fell they sent for Jungle for him to go and attack Ganta. When he went there, Ben ordered Calaba Nyande - he is from Freetown. He is a Sierra Leonean boy. When Jungle was engaging the enemies, Ben gave instruction for Calaba Nyande to open the calibre behind Jungle. They said, "Oh, that is Jungle going there". Daniel Tamba, I call him Jungle. He said, "That is Jungle going there". He said, "I told you to open the calibre", and then they opened the calibre and he entered the back of the boy's head and it opened his skull and it dropped. That is how he died.

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