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Yes. Superman, when we were going we were all in the jeep along with Shy Shooter. After we got on the road, we went to toilet and he called me. He said, "When I get down, when I shoot in the bush when I get down I will say, 'Oh, I have killed a monkey. I have killed a monkey'. There are many, people will come and when he gets there we will be able to fire after him." When he said that, I and Shy Shooter were in the same car.

While we and Superman were moving, at Tagbah [phon] going towards Bomi Hills in the car, Ben stopped the jeep. He went into the bush and shot two single barrel rounds and he said, "Oh, this monkey looks like a real baboon. I have shot it, but it is not coming down. You people come. You people come before it gets away." I got down and Superman got down for us to rush. Shy Shooter opened one magazine shot at the back of Superman and he dropped, including the doctor that was assigned with him.

Then we went to make sure for Charles Taylor to make sure that Superman has actually died. We cut off his arm that he had requested for and we severed it. We took off his head. We opened his chest. We took out his liver. The liver was for our ceremony in Ben's yard at the banana bush where we were with Dogolea. We took it from there. From there I and Ben entered into the fence and he left me there and entered into Charles Taylor's house with Superman's hand wrapped in a tissue, but he did not come outside with it.

After he came back and we went back to the banana bush to go and cook the liver of Superman before he gave us 200 US dollars. He said that was our secret money that Charles Taylor has given us. He went and bought some drinks and things and after we had finished eating Superman's liver we dispersed from there. That is what they call FOC.

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