The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

When they gave this document to Ben we were in Vahun. Super, Abu Keita, we were operating together. We changed underclothes and did everything together, but one evening Ben called me. He called Shy Shooter and some of his bodyguards, along with Dr Magona. He is a Sierra Leonean, a professional doctor. All of us boarded Dr Magona's jeep and some of the men went into the calibre pick-up and we left all Superman's bodyguards in Vahun, like the High Command, Salami, the King Junior and some others. We left them in Vahun. When we were going in this jeep, Superman was having one other doctor that was assigned with him. Whilst we were moving, before approaching Bah, going towards Bomi Hills, Ben went in front and called me. He said, "That man, Taylor says we should execute him, but after his execution we should be highly protected. We should take his hand, his hand for him as FOC." I said, "But Chief Ben" --

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