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Okay, okay. So, when I was based in Kammantahun, most of the Gbandi and the Foya always sought refuge at my CP because I married someone from among them, one of their daughters. So, when we left, Abu Keita, Superman, when we left and went to attack Popolahun to break their defenses, we went there at two different times. Ben started asking me, "How is Superman's operation?" I said, "Oh, chief, Superman actually he is fighting well. I have not seen any problem with him. Today at the battle we were at the main road and I have not seen any strange things with him." And he said, "Be careful." The third day Ben went there. He went behind us at Kammantahun. He - over 80 or more people, he started executing all of them. Some of them he did not execute them with a knife, or with a gun. He took rusty iron steel rod from broken houses. He passed it through their stomach and it came out from the other end, from their bellies, from this end to the other end. Sometimes he will line up four/five human beings and they will hit them with the stick on their heads. So, I left - I was at the front line when I heard. Abu Keita, among all of them I was the senior officer. We got there and I saw one of my bodyguards, Heavy D [phon], one of my bodyguard commanders, and he said, "Chief, the director, Benjamin Yeaten, he came here and he has killed all these people, the people whom he said we should look for. He has killed all of them." I said, "What are you talking about?" Actually when I went the whole place was polluted. I was disturbed. There was no way to eat food.

I went up the hills outside the town and I was sitting down. From there I saw Peanut Butter too coming from the front line and he said, "But this place was controlled by Zigzag. How could Zigzag massacre all of these people?", and he too passed. When he passed he went straight to town in Monrovia at the time Charles Taylor was at Arthington. He said, "Yes, sir, Mr President" - that is Charles now. He said, "The civilians with Zigzag, he has killed all of them." Charles Taylor shouted at him. I am talking about our present junior senator in Liberia. He said, "The thing that happened at the front line, you don't have a right to come and tell me publicly among people. If you don't want to serve my government you can go anywhere." But after two days, when my wife came from the old road market, she called me and she said, "Oh, Peanut Butter and your name is all over Monrovia. Peanut Butter said you killed all our people." I said, "What are you saying?" She said, "Peanut Butter said you have killed all of the people." I said, "No, I did not do it. It was Ben who did it." I said, "In fact the way the people were executed down to the children, I am panic stricken. I don't even know what to do. In fact, I am coming to town."

The next day I went to Monrovia. At that time Charles Taylor was at White Flower at his new house. When I went there Ben took me in the fence and said, "My son, that man, you don't know what he is doing, forget it. Forget about what has happened." A red motorbike, Yamaha, his daughter was using it, he took it and gave it to me. He said, "Nothing will happen. Peanut Butter does not know what he is doing. Whatever they saw at the front line is what they will talk about." And I said, "Chief, it was not me that did it." He said, "Forget it." He gave me the motorbike. He gave a car to Benjamin Yeaten and he gave two other Isuzu cars Idi Amin and Pablo. That was how I knew about the massacre in Kammantahun.

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