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You see, in Kammantahun I was based in Vahun and later when Superman, Abu Keita, that was when Ben sent for them in Vahun and he said that the forces that were in Kolahun, to go through their defensive was very difficult so he said I should go and base at Kammantahun. So, I left Vahun and I went to base in Kammantahun to face Popolahun. That was where Superman, Abu Keita, went to me and then we left and went to battle against the LURD in Popolahun, but to my surprise there was one Peanut Butter, commonly known at Adolphus Dolo. Ben left Vahun, on that very day we went to attack Popolahun. Peanut Butter take the route from Popolahun to enter. I took the straight line with those men for us to enter, but on our return I left Peanut Butter and others behind and I went ahead, because most of the Gissi and the Gbani were used to me and the women then I had was a Gbani and Gissi, so most times they used to take their rescues at my CP and I was hunting for my wife's family from Kolahun. So, most of these civilians will always come to my own CP and if I had anything, I used to share with them. So, Ben went there along with his bodyguards and they started executing the people at our rear, so they were --

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