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Carter Camp. Carter Camp in Harbel. Carter Camp in Harbel. About '90 Carter Camp massacre was done by Charles Taylor directly through the Special Forces chief security commander, Benjamin Yeaten. Benjamin Yeaten went to me behind [indiscernible] and he said that there were some civilians in Carter Camp, they were in collaboration with the soldiers who were in Camp Schefflein. He said they will pass through the bushes to go and relay information to the AFL at Camp Schefflein, so he gave instruction that none of those people should leave there, all of them should be executed. At the time Ben went to my residence at Schefflein Highway I was sick and then I think he and his driver, Peter Saikpedeh, and his Special Forces too, they led some groups at that time and then people said at that time that Mosquito, Christopher Varmoh, he was a small boy, they were assigned at 15 Gate. At that time Mosquito was not brave against human being, so they went there along with Joe Tuah and they carried out the execution and when he left there he came to my area where Paul Weah, my former commander - he is now late. He came to talk to me. He went there and said all the people who were there have been executed and then Paul Weah said, "Why didn't you bring some of the children?" Then he said, "You know what Charles Taylor's orders are. If he tell you something, you go and don't do that, it will not be nice for you. The people that we killed were more than 600 at Carter Camp."

The same thing happened at Dupo Road [phon]. At Dupo Road it was Sam Larto and the same Maduna Bwua who carried out the massacre again and from there, they left there against the AFL and then when they left there, the same night that they came to Sorklini [phon], it was Benjamin Yeaten, Joe Tuah, including some Special Forces, yes. That is the thing that I know and I am saying the truth and nothing but the truth. Any questions?

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