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The sand stopped the woman and she was covered and it was equal to the ground level as though you were burying somebody. She was covered with the sand and it was equal to the level of the ground and she remained under the sand and they brought the sheep. We all fought over the sheep and the whole place was covered. You get me clear? What I am saying - let me just show you the example. There was a deep hole and we placed empty drums inside the pit and the level of the ground was equal to the level of the drum and it was from inside that same pit that we placed the woman and the woman was standing straight in the hole. Do you understand me? She was standing in the hole and then his close bodyguard, Momoh Jibba, Joe Tuah, Peter Saikpedeh, they went. We were all standing and then they covered - the sand that was dug from the hole, they put the sand over the woman and it was equal to the level of the ground, the same way. Do you understand me? And from there they brought the woman - they brought a white sheep where the woman was covered with the sand and he himself held the sheep by the horn and then we all rushed on the sheep. We fought over the sheep. Each and every one of us carried pieces of the sheep and that was a ceremony for Charles Taylor's government. That is what I am saying. Do you understand that?

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