The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

I am talking about Charles Taylor. The woman was directly pleading with Charles Taylor whilst she was standing straight in the pit showing up her hands and then he told the woman, saying, "Put your hands together", and then we will take her from there. After the woman straightened her hands we put the sand over her and then until the sand covered her up to this area and at that time the woman was crying. Myself, I was present there. I am talking about '95. That was the time we entered Monrovia. So, when the woman was completely covered with the dirt, they brought the white sheep from Charles Taylor's fence and we took it to where this women was covered with the dirt and then he held the sheep, and then we were all fighting over the sheep and then we divided that sheep amongst us, and that was the ceremony for his government. From there, when we were ready to go to the mansion, some of the council members would be afraid. They will be afraid to go to the mansion. So, that is the ceremony that I am talking about. Do you get me?

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