The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

When we took her there, after two days, the third day for the woman I saw Ben with a white sheep and he brought it into the fence. At that time there was a six man council at the Executive Mansion. When we took the woman, the third day we went to the beach. At that time some of the bodyguards had already dug a pit and we placed two empty drums into the pit. Are you getting me clear? Two empty drums were placed into the pit and we stripped the woman naked and put - and we took the woman from the fence. She had clothes on, but when we reached where the pit was we placed her in the pit. He was standing, Ben was there, Peter Saikpedeh, Joe Tuah. These were all Special Forces. They were all there, including some bodyguards. I cannot recall all of them. They were standing by. Then we placed the woman in the pit. We were all standing there and then the woman was pleading with him and from there he said, "Forget it, they are not going to do anything to you." They left the woman there standing in --

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