The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

From time immemorial I was taking orders from my leader, Charles Taylor. When Issa Sesay was there I received orders to ammos for him. When Issa Sesay was there, there was some behaviours that he was putting up like signing documents with the UN. At that time I was in Kono, some UN people went there with a paper for Issa Sesay to sign. I called directly to Charles Taylor. From there he asked me whether I can execute Issa and I said, "Oh, chief, I am in Kono, the centre. I'm in the midst of these people. I cannot do anything". Then he said, "Come to Kailahun. I will call him to come for ammos in Buedu. Then you'll be able to execute him there". So I left Kono, I told Issa that I was trying to go and he gave me his jeep. I went and left --

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