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He rushed in to where I was sitting down and he said, "Top Bra, let's go", and I said, "All the drinks we have here?", and he said, "Let's go". So, we left and went to White Flower. At the time we went, Benjamin Yeaten, Joe Tuah, Peter Saikpedeh, they were all at the White Flower's front door and they said, "Your materials have arrived. Your ammos have come". Then we left and went to the airport.

When we went I saw the Russian cargo plane. It came with enough ammos and arms which we were not able to offload. We were not able to haul everything to Monrovia that night. We left some there at the cargo warehouse at Roberts International Airport. Then we took some - in two days we took some, Mosquito and I, Eddie Kanneh, Mike Lamin, FOC, the late FOC, Victor Kallon - Victor Kallon. Morie Kallon is different. Victor Kallon. We left them there and we got into the car, two trucks, a pick-up and a jeep. We escorted the first trip, yeah.

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