The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

At the time ULIMO was in Lofa we were still in Gbarnga, that was the headquarters for Charles Taylor, and at that time Charles Taylor instructed me because there was no-one to penetrate through with ammunition or arms and I was asked by Charles Taylor and I was ordered by him, he in fact issued me a Nissan pick-up and he gave me 1,600 United States dollars in order to buy kola nuts to establish relationship with the borderline through Yekepa in Nimba County which I did.

I made two trips with kola nuts and I established friendship with one Mandingo woman and that Mandingo woman's husband was a customs officer for Guinea. Later when I crossed for the first time I offered the man a balawala [phon] bag of kola nuts. At that time a Special Forces was assigned in Guinea as the Liberian ambassador. I made two trips and the woman's husband by the name Bangura was free handed to me. He used to help me to help me put my kola nuts in the car as far as Kissidugu and that was where --

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