The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

My very first time to meet our leader, Mr Taylor, was in Gborplay at that time. The remaining Special Forces were there and the remaining Special Forces arrested me and took me to Gborplay. I was not alone. Myself and Prince Johnson they took us there and they kept us in an old car box that appeared like a container, and they were lighting fire - lighting fire on top of the container and whilst it was burning we were shaking inside the container and at that time some of our friends had already died.

So, he asked them and they opened the container. They took us out. I think at that time we were about 26 or 25, something like that, but six of us were still alive and they took us in a wheelbarrow. Then they took us to a place, Hacia [phon] in Gborplay, and we slept there outside until the next morning I was able to see him.

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