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Our apologies. It took us a little longer than we anticipated.

This is a ruling on an application. We have considered the submissions of the parties. We bear in mind the rules and precedents cited, although we note that some rules relied upon in those precedents are not on all fours with our rules. We bear in mind the fundamental obligation is a fair trial, and we bear in mind the provisions of Rule 17(e) of the Statute which provide the right of the accused to:

"... examine, or have examined, the witnesses against him or her and to the obtain the attendance and examination of witnesses on his or her behalf under the same conditions as witnesses against him or her.

The accused has not heard the evidence of the prospective witness and we consider that and hold that in this particular application it is not in the interests of justice to limit cross-examination in the way the Prosecution has applied for. The Prosecution is at liberty to limit its examination-in-chief as it sees fit, but we refuse the application to limit the time for cross-examination. That is the ruling.

Ms Hollis - oh, Mr Koumjian, please proceed.

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