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Well, I have told you that we did - during our discussions we were talking about ammunition because we had run out of ammunition. So, we did not have enough ammunition again to continue our offensive, or to fight, or to even defend our areas, so we discussed that it will be better that this time around we all ensure to write a letter and give it to Brother Jungle to take it to Mr Taylor for him to help us get some ammunition. So, those were the things that we discussed and we all came to the conclusion that we agreed. We told the adjutant, who was Rashid Sandy, to write a letter and he wrote it. He read the letter out to everybody and from there we enveloped it and we gave it to Colonel Jungle to take along. So, Colonel Jungle went with the letter and after three days Sam Bockarie called us and said he had received a message from the Pa, and that is Mr Taylor, that he himself should go, that is Sam Bockarie, that he should go to Monrovia. So, Sam Bockarie called us and informed us and we also said okay, it is not bad, and he said, "Okay, but since I am leaving I want Issa to come to Buedu and stay here and you, Isaac, you should go to Pendembu and stay there", because that was where Issa was. That was his own area of control. So, I went to where Issa was and then Issa came to Buedu. So, when Mosquito was leaving he said, "I will not go alone. I wanted to go with some other people." So, he went with Rashid Sandy, he went with Pa Rogers and then he went with Lawrence Wohmandia and Eddie Kanneh also.

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