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Well, at that time the reason why he called me was because of the advice that I gave him about the Superman issue, so that we will discuss it, and then what he also told me was that he said, "Bra, I was waiting for somebody like you, for you to come here, because we have a problem here on the ground. So, we all need to sit together and hang heads and then we discuss and then we will act on what to do next." And then I asked him, "What can we do next?" Then he said, "It is about this ammunition business." Then he said, "There is nothing that we will be able to get now because the one we have at hand now has almost finished", and he said, "I have been discussing this with some other commanders here so that we will send somewhere for us to get ammunition and luckily I called you and you are here. So, we have to discuss it and when the other commanders arrive here, we always sit together and discuss it and then we will see what to do next." I said, "All right", and then I went to bed and slept.

So, the next morning all of us, the commanders who were in the town there, we discussed that we should request for ammunition from Mr Taylor and that we should write a letter and give to Brother Jungle to take it along. So, those of us, the commanders who were there, we went, we had the meeting, we held the meeting, we discussed. Even Pa Rogers was present in the meeting. We all sat down, we discussed and then we came to a conclusion that we should write a letter, and then we wrote the letter.

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