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Well, when we got to Buedu, when I entered the town, his bodyguards used to sit in front of his house under the tree and so they were sitting there. So, when I got there the bodyguards were talking to me and they said my men should not enter Mosquito's ground with arms, so they said they should disarm. Then I said no. I said "I am also an authority, so, it doesn't mean that if I am coming to meet this man my bodyguards should disarm." So, whilst we were talking Mosquito was inside the house and he heard - he overheard my voice and then he came and he told his men that, no, they should forget about me, so that my armed men will enter. So, my bodyguards joined his own bodyguards where they were seated and then I also entered to Mosquito. So, when I went we shook hands, we greeted each other nicely. I didn't see - I didn't see a countenance of him about the information that I had received, because myself I had already alerted my own men, so whilst I was with him inside, if anything was going to happen they should also do what they will be able to do. But when I got there the man gave me a smiling face, we sat down, we smoked together, he brought rum, we drank and then we started discussing.

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