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The monitoring teams were in Buedu. Most of the men who were there were operators - were the operators who were SLAs, because their own way of monitoring was different from that of the RUF communication. The Nigerians too, when they are communicating they were not using voice procedures. They had something which was a key that made that sound, so those SLAs had been trained with the Nigerians so they know those sounds, so they were using keys. So, when they are monitoring - when they are monitoring they put the message that they have received and they will put it together and tell the commander. That is the field commander. If it was the Alpha Jets' movement that they monitored, or the movement of ground troops, they would alert all of us to know that their ground troops were moving, or the ground troops are moving - the ground troops are moving and they have an Alpha Jet that is going to give them support.

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