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Yes, something happened. When Superman went there his bodyguards and SAJ Musa's bodyguards had a problem and that resulted in some shooting between them, but it resulted - it also resulted in the separation of the two men. Later, Mosquito sent for Superman to leave that end. Superman was unable to come back, so they sent Rocky CO. They gave him ammunition, and another boy whom they called Senegalese, and they went there to ensure - they sent Rocky CO to go and kill Superman, but when he went he was unable to do anything to Superman, so he joined Superman.

So, Mosquito became angry and he said a problem had erupted between him and Superman. Superman refused to take command from him, so Mosquito wanted to send troops to go and fight against Superman in that area because the first one had failed. So during the ensuing argument over the communication set, the operator called me and said, "Your brothers were calling over the communication set". I came to advise Mosquito, that is Sam Bockarie. I told him, "Well, this quarrel, that you are quarrelling is not good. When you say you are sending troops to go and fight against Superman there ...", I said, "... that was not good. It is not good for us to be fighting against each other. It would be good for us to concentrate on the enemies that we are fighting against".

So Sam Bockarie told me that we will not be able to discuss everything over the radio, but that I should go to Buedu for us to sit together and talk. So, that was why the command structure - that was why the command changed. When I went it was Morris Kallon who was in charged - who was in charge, sorry. Then I went to Buedu.

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