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Mr Witness, reading the top of that document it says "Civilian Women and Officer in Charge" and then there is a list going from numbers 138 to 171 on this page. I am just going to read the first few lines. It appears to be Tenneh Tua, that is T-E-N-N-E-H T-U-A is how I would read it and then "Major Sam MP Commander" next to that name. The next line 139 "Agness", A-G-N-E-S-S, "Francis", next to that line "MP Sergeant Francis Amara. It appears to be A-M-A-R-A to the best that I can decipher the handwriting. Sir, as someone who was working in Kono at that time with the RUF, can you tell us why there would be a list "Civilian Women and Officer in Charge"? What would that mean to you?

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