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It was Superman who came and met me at Gandorhun where I was. He came with ammunition, a lot of AK rounds, boxes, and he said the meeting that they had was for us to run a mission to capture Koidu, to dislodge ECOMOG from Koidu, so he brought the ammunition. The mission - the name of the mission was to have been Fiti Fata. That was the mission we were to run in Koidu. So, after we had spoken I too received a call from Mosquito in Buedu and I tried to ask him about what Superman had told me and he confirmed what Superman had told me, saying that a small quantity of ammunition had arrived and that Brother Jungle had taken it from Mr Taylor, so that is why he had sent them the ammunition: For us to endeavour to capture Koidu, to dislodge ECOMOG from Koidu. So, he showed me the ammunition and I agreed for us to go on that mission.

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