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Yes, I have told you that he said I should go with Johnny Paul Koroma, that we should take him along safely, so I and Superman organised ourselves. I told Superman that, "It would be better for you too to be with some security so that you could be with the Pa, that is Johnny Paul. I will lead the convoy from Makeni up to Koidu", because we had heard that in Koidu Town they had had over 5,000 Kamajors there, so people were afraid to leave Kono to go, so that was why most of the AFRC fighters did not follow us to go to Kono. Some people went with SAJ Musa towards that Kabala end, so I led a convoy because I had a twin barrel AA gun, which I was using, and one mortar - 60 millimetre mortar gun. I mounted everything in a truck and I was using the twin barrel and at the same time I was launching the mortar as I was advancing to Koidu, until I reached - after Masingbi I fell into an ambush and I was able to bulldoze my way through the ambush, but during the ambush they returned with Johnny Paul Koroma to Makeni. I didn't know this until I arrived in Koidu. When I checked, Johnny Paul was not in the convoy. They had returned with him to Makeni, so I had to come back to Makeni to take the convoy and lead them back to Kono. But by that time I had deployment in Koidu Town. I left them there before I picked up Johnny Paul with his group and returned to Koidu.

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