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Well, the majority of the civilians were not in favour of the government and even the students, who were the Fourah Bay College students, were not in favour, so they demonstrated against the AFRC and the RUF. Even fighting erupted between us and the students, and during that some of the students died as a result of the gunshots, so actually the civilians and the students were not in favour. Some people only pretended, just like I had said. Some soldiers pretended as though they were with the government, but they were not actually with the AFRC government. So, they used to take information that they revealed and they had a propaganda radio, which was Radio Democracy, which was located at Lungi. They used to talk over that one about all our plans and the things that we did on a daily basis. So, people who were with us were the ones that passed that information and the radio will also say it. So, the students and the majority of the population in Freetown did not favour us at all.

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