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Yes, I know how they used to have communication because Johnny Paul had communication set, which was a Yaesu radio that we used to use in the field. He also had one at his house and also we had communication people who were in Liberia, who were RUF members. They were there in Liberia. We had a woman there who was called Memuna. We had another operator who was also there, who was called Tollo, and we had another who was called Ebony. So, those people were based in Liberia. They were there, so they were the operators who were in Liberia who were doing the communication from Freetown to Liberia, so that was how the communication business went on. Even for them to open frequencies that Johnny Paul would talk on, they were the ones who used to show that to Johnny Paul and the operator that Johnny Paul had, he also used to follow the instruction that he received from those ones in Liberia, so that was how the communication was when Mr Taylor and Johnny Paul Koroma used to talk. Johnny Paul also used to tell us, at the time we had meetings, that he also - that he always speak with his brother and I had already told you that we had plans that Johnny Paul himself should go and see Mr Taylor, so that communication was there.

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