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Well, the one that came it was at Magburaka that they brought them, but even before they brought them Johnny Paul had told us that his brother, who is Mr Taylor, was going to send something for us and that was small amount of ammunition and he said we should go and receive them at Magburaka, because at Magburaka we had an airstrip. So, that was where we went and at that time they appointed Fonte Kanu, who was an SLA. He led us to go and receive the ammunition. Mike Lamin also went. I also went. But whilst we were there, the aeroplane that brought the things, when it alighted it was like the ECOMOG had intercepted the movement so the Alpha Jet came around and bombarded the place, but when it came, even before it could reach there, we had already collected the items even before the Alpha Jet got there to bombard the place.

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